Marketing Tools: Social Media Integration, SEO, and Analytics

Since social media has become a part of most every small business owner’s existence, we feel that taking a closer look at how each platform offers online marketing tools is imperative to finding the right webspace for your brand! When you search for a home, you want the space to feel familiar and well laid out — but you also want to make sure the dishwasher, stove, and electrical panels are all in working order too! The same goes for your website. This is where we make sure the proverbial plumbing of social media, SEO, and analytics come into play.

Alyssa Joy & Co. || ProPhoto Social Media Integration


It’s all about the images here. ProPhoto keeps social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more) integrated, keeping you connected to your clients and fans with just a few clicks. With ease for you to post, they also makes it simple for your clients to share your content as well as contact you, with a powerful and fully-integrated form builder. Gorgeous images demand a gorgeous Instagram feed — and why not showcase them on your site? ProPhoto will customize Instafeeds anywhere on your site. With widgets and integration, you have options on keeping everything you use up-to-date. If you’d like further customization of features, They keep their sites as compatible as possible with many well-constructed third-party plugins, giving you more options. As far as analytics, they provide built-in support for Google and Statcounter Analytics — if you’d like to use something else, there may be a plug-in for the exact analytic software you’re looking for. With ProPhoto, there’s a mixture of custom features and readily accessible plug-ins, giving you more options on a variety of marketing solutions.

Alyssa Joy & Co. || Shopify comes with a convenient app available on iOS and Android


With Shopify, you showcase your product and engage the potential buyer. Simply. They offer a SEO-friendly CMS, supporting best practices and automatically generating sitemap files to quickly show your changes to shoppers. Built-in analytics help you track your sales and make the best decisions for your shop. With their iOS and Android apps, you can see all your vitals with sales stats, manage multiple storefronts and inventory, complete order, view customer data, and capture payments! Shopify features four aspects of social marketing that can help you bring in more sales: social network integration, targeted email marketing through MailChimp, discount code engines, and custom gift cards. If you are managing a store, Shopify can help you streamline all the aspects of bringing products to the people.

Alyssa Joy & Co. || Squarespace offers great, built-in analytics


Squarespace gives you fluid analytics on your handheld devices (iOS only for now; Android is in the works). With a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like unique visitors, page views, projections, and more for your site, you’ll always be in touch with the heartbeat of the website. You have connected services, like Dropbox file syncing, auto posts to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, and linked accounts for Instagram showcasing, Facebook, Twitter, and more. If you already use or would like to use the G-suite or Mailchimp for your forms and emails, these providers are beautifully updated in real-time as you get submissions. You won’t have to worry about SEO plugins because Squarespace includes a range of best practices for SEO. Easily identify what keywords led visitors to you as well as the top performing content on your website. Overall, Squarespace offers solid and easily accessible features to keep your website working for you.

Alyssa Joy & Co. || SEO and more with Jetpack for Wordpress


Wordpress is truly all about the options. With each of their plans, you have complete social integration options, built-in SEO, and basic analytics with easy-to-read information (called their Jetpack Essentials Feature). If you’d like to have Google Analytics integration and a higher level of SEO, that comes with the business level. Because of the plug-in, your options are virtually limitless on what social and analytic functions your website is capable of. Want to import pictures straight from Lightroom? Done. Want to translate your website into another language?  C'est très simple. Just remember to keep things as simple and clean as possible for your visitors and for you!


With any of these options, you can securely and confidently manage your website, shop, and business life. We hope that with these nuggets of information, you’ll be able to start navigating through which platform can best serve you, your business, and your clients as you plan to move forward. As always, we are here to help! Let us know if you have any questions or are ready to dive into a new website creation journey.

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