ShowIt 5: Better Late Than Never

Here’s a game changer that’s a little tardy to the party, but better late than never! We at Alyssa Joy & Co. are excited to share that we are also adding ShowIt 5 to our collection of webspace offerings!

Their Mission: At Showit, our goal is to build tools that will activate the creativity that exists in everyone.

If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will! Creativity exists in everyone? YES! Tools to activate that part of us? HECK YES! We at Alyssa Joy & Co. feel that ShowIt 5 is an equally gorgeous, interactive, and generally thrilling webspace to work with and can hold its own with our other platforms. As a webspace that is specifically tailored for creative professionals, this image-driven space can work for anyone who has something unique and beautiful to show the world.

The Feel
From drag-and-drop simplicity to long scrolling pages with horizontal subpages, ShowIt 5 has created a dynamic and interesting layout. They have a variety of transitions and movements that you can uniquely apply to various parts of the site. And with side-by-side mobile and desktop editing (independent of each other), we have complete control over the mobile and desktop versions of your site. They have truly combined simplicity with beautiful features that creates a custom feel.

Alyssa Joy & Co. || ShowIt 5 Web Design || Web Design for Creatives

Ease of Use
Hosting, Domain Names, and Web Files
ShowIt 5 recommends purchasing your domain name through Google so that you get an automatic Google Apps account - which can be used for analytics and so much more. What sets this company apart from the others is that they provide all hosting for your content. That means that based on the package you choose, they will setup your hosting options in a streamlined approach! You can have peace of mind knowing that your hosting and site maintenance is all in one location.

Website Maintenance and Coding
ShowIt 5 has an impressive library of tips and tricks to help anyone succeed and easily understand the website world. After they have set up your site, you will have creative ability to change and publish using the backside editor. They do offer Wordpress Blog Integration — but have no fear of coding: if you choose their Wordpress blog package, they provide a list of approved and unapproved plug-ins, so you’re guaranteed to choose the right solutions to fit your site. Their team of Support Pros are there for you 24-7 with an emergency hotline!

Cost Structure
Standard ShowIt $19-24/mo.
With Blog $24-29/mo.
With Advanced Blog $34-39/mo. (Custom plug-ins/themes, FTP and Database Access, and free blog migration)

Alyssa Joy & Co. || ShowIt 5 Web Design || Web Design for Creatives

Marketing Tools
Social Media Integration, SEO, and Analytics
ShowIt 5 provides the standard links to all your social media profiles, keeping everything together in one clean location. They fully integrate with Google apps and suggest to use Google Analytics to help track traffic and activity on your site. With their SEO, they quite brilliantly take from your text in your site to update a correctly indexed site. If you would like further SEO control, upgrade to the Pro subscription and voila! You have SEO setting in the content tab.

Something that is truly ingenious and innovative for a webspace platform is their yearly conference called United to help photographers learn social media marketing, SEO strategy, building a brand, customer lifecycle, pricing, balancing family and work, and much more! Props to them for creating community for their customers!

Engaging the Clients
As we mentioned before, they provide powerful Wordpress blogging capabilities with their drag and drop design elements. Within their interface, you can select what plug-ins to use, and once the design side is done, you will edit and update your content in Wordpress. As we mentioned earlier, their list of usable plugins makes life so much easier! And within that list, you’ll find that they do not sponsor WooCommerce but recommend using Shopify Lite for any e-commerce needs!

If you’d like to consider partnering with Alyssa Joy & Co. to make your company dreams a reality on ShowIt 5, please let me know! Be sure to visit our services page here to see all the details about the new ShowIt 5 Pro Package as well!

Alyssa Joy & Co. || ShowIt 5: Better Late Than Never || Branding & Web Designer for Creatives & Small Businesses