Six Reasons To Hire a Professional Copywriter for Your Website

Guest blog post by Michaela Mendes of Launch Web Marketing, a Boston, MA content and social media agency.


Too much empty space? Blocks of text you can’t seem to trim down? Copy that speaks but doesn’t sell? If you’re a business owner first and a writer second (or third...or last), you could be facing one of these issues.

You can stand in front of a group and speak excitedly about your business for hours, but crafting precise, engaging copy is a challenge you can’t seem to master.

And that’s okay.

Unless you’re a professional copywriter yourself, then you have a problem.

Before you unleash that brand-spanking-new business website to the vast interwebs, take a close, honest look. Could the content improve?

If the answer is yes, perhaps it’s time to call in reinforcements. It’s time you hired a professional copywriter.

Copywriters are called professionals for a reason. Words are their tools, and they’ve been sharpening them for years. It’s not easy to weave a tapestry of text in every situation. For gorgeous sunsets? Sure. To sell concrete lifting services? It’s a bit harder.

But professional copywriters are up to the challenge, no matter the challenge, no matter the industry, no matter the goal.

Here are the six top reasons spending cash on professional copywriting can pay off:


1. You Have 2.6 Seconds to Capture a Reader’s Attention

6 Reasons To Hire A Professional Copywriter For Your Website || Alyssa Joy & Co. || Launch Web Marketing

Maybe you read the heading above this sentence first, before anything else in this blog. Did it catch your eye?

Humans are interesting creatures, often difficult to sell. They want to see that your business has a website, but that website better reach out and grab their attention, or they’re clicking away fast.

Professional copywriters understand that the average person spends 2.6 seconds skimming.

By using short paragraphs,

  • bulleted

  • lists

and attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings,

your professional copywriter uses format and function (as well as finesse) to sell your services in your web content.


2. You Need to Find Your Brand’s Voice

Your brand’s voice needs to match the visual presentation of your company. Your website isn’t just a pretty face - it needs to have an anchored, clear message that’s spelled out for your visitors. It doesn’t have to be wordy. It shouldn’t be boring. But it does need to speak for your brand in tone, substance and delivery.

A professional copywriter can work in tandem with your branding agency, crafting a message that’s aligned with your business goals.


  • You Can’t Be Objective

Sometimes industry jargon works against you. What will the average website visitor already understand about your business? How can you make your message even clearer?

As an objective set of eyes and ears, your professional copywriter asks questions that range from the basic to the poignant, and you offer answers. Then, they take what you want to say, and they translate it in a way that your prospective customer wants to learn.


  • You’re Too Busy to Type

Here’s a basic reason you need to hire a professional copywriter: you’re just too busy. If you’re typing, you’re typing email responses, not thoughtful web content.


  • You’re Looking for an Edge Against the Competition

Checked out your competitors’ websites lately? How are they looking? If they’re well put together, with copy that grabs readers and doesn’t let go, your website needs to do the same.

But if their website is clunky, their branding is outdated and worst of all, their copy is blah, hiring a professional copywriter gives you an instant edge.


  • You’ve Invested Time, Money, Creativity and Energy

You’ve come this far. You’ve spent hard-earned money, hours of planning and an unmeasurable amount of your creative energy on your rebranding or new website build. Why give up now? Why leave the copy for last?


Hire a professional copywriter to push you past the finish line strong.



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