Catch The Cohesion Bug On Instagram


COHESION // noun . the action or fact of forming a united whole.

Your brand has a face, it translates onto many platforms, in many forms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - the list goes on. Cohesion puts a beautiful face on your social media presence! Today we're going to talk about keeping your Instagram cohesive! Now remember, cohesion is different than consistency [which I believe, is also important but a subject for another day!]. Now there are a few different ways that cohesion can present itself on your social media, there is cohesion in your content then there is cohesion in your look.

Today I'm going to share a little tool with you that helps me in keeping my images cohesive [along with a whole slew of other tips and tricks I'll share with you in the future!] While it would be awesome if every pictures you took automatically had the same lighting, the same color contents [well actually, no, that would get super boring!] and they just uploaded and looked absolutely seamless and beautiful - sometimes that doesn't happen so easily!

I'd like to introduce you though, to my trusty friend, Your Instagram Planner [I know completely original name right there!]. This handy Photoshop document is setup with a smart object for each of your top 12 Instagram posts [basically your entire feed that someone will see simultaneously]. I personally sit down every twelve days or so and plan out my next 12 posts. I am able to replace each object with my planned picture and make sure that my images are cohesive, as a whole! 

Now you might be thinking - well the only thing I've ever done in Photoshop is edited a photo or added a little text to something - how in the world do I use this?! Well, that's the beauty of the next part, listen up cause I'm gonna take you step by step through using the Instagram Planner!

First, go ahead and download your very own Instagram Planner .psd here!

Now, open up the document and you'll see a beautiful READ ME reminder from me, then you can hide that folder by clicking the little eye icon [sorry for your Photoshop savvy folks I am sure you know this, but we are being nice to the not so frequent PSD users too!]

Now comes the fun part of curating your next twelve images - so have at it, wether you take your photos with you phone [if so, I HIGHLY recommend the VSCO Cam app - download it here if your on the iPhone or here if you're on Android] or with your DSLR or other camera. Edit and then save them in some happy Insta folder on your computer! 

To add images into the grid simply open the folder layer called "Your Posts Here". You'll see 12 numbered blocks - number 1 being the first item you are going to post and number 12 being the last. Double click the smart object icon on the block that you are wanting to add your image to.

FILE > PLACE EMBEDDED - then search for the photo you want and hit PLACE, click FILE > SAVE and your good to go! Now you can organize your images exactly the way you want and be sure that they'll all be cohesive and achieve just the look you want for your Instagram!

Now for me, I personally save all my Instagram images in one folder labeled with their obvious names, so when I'm done planning it all out all I do is open up my iMessage on my MacBook Pro and text message myself the pictures all in order [sometimes I even type up the text I want to post with each image so I am completely ready to just copy and paste and go]! 

Of course don't forget you'll have to save the images to your camera roll on your phone so they're available for you when posting to Instagram! 

So this is officially my first blog post - in case you hadn't figured that out yet! *phew* One down, many more helpful hints coming your way! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram so you can be notified of new posts! Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know below if you found this helpful and what else you'd like to learn when it comes to giving your brand a beautiful face!!

<3 A