Let's Up Your Instagame!


First off, Happy Monday friends!!

Last week we shared a little freebie with you to help you plan out your Instagram! Of course there are several advantages to this like not having to spend 45 minutes every day thinking "oh shoot, what am I going to post today?? Hmmm" or the advantage of not posting your photo and thinking after it's been posted and liked a few times (cause man sometimes those like fly in too fast!) hmmm this doesn't really go with the last couple pictures I posted so now it looks funny when someone clicks on my profile! So first, before you continue reading today, if you missed it, check here and get your copy of the Your Instagram Planner!

How many of you think to yourself when you're scrolling through the Instagram feed "Man, that picture is like perfectly white, clean, lit and styled - how do they do that?! I couldn't pull that off!" Well my friend, you're in luck! Today I am going to begin showing you how to take your Instagram photos to the next level!

So you might be thinking - this is going to be difficult. Think again! You'll just need a few things: 

  • An iPhone or Android phone with the VSCO Cam App (here for Android or here for iPhones)
  • Some floor space next to a window with natural light coming in
  • A piece of white poster board
  • A beautiful subject (the sky is the limit on this one!) 

Now that you have all your supplies let's talk about the SPOT! My spot happens to be at the end of my upstairs hallway where there is a tall floor to ceiling window - PERFECT for some beautiful natural light when I open the shade all the way up! 

You'll want to setup your white poster board across from the window - basically where the light is shining through. Or, if you have a reflector of some sort (see this hand tutorial from PetaPixel here to build your own!) you would put your white poster board so that the it was directly in-between the window and the reflector like one of these illustrations below: 

Now for the floral arrangement above, I actually curved the white poster board allowing for some below the vase and then also some behind the vase so it would be a nice flowing white background! Some of my other setups I have used two pieces of poster board, one as a "floor" and one as a backdrop - the decision is up to you! Then open up that VSCO Cam app and snap away - try some different angles, from above, each side! 

Then edit, export - post! post! post! 

Your asking yourself "So how in the world do I use this VSCO Cam app??" - I thought so! Well, check back next week and we will have an in-depth tutorial on using these tips from today AND the VSCO Cam app in action!