The Secret: VSCO Cam


Hey All!! This week we are going to be talking about the secret of the VSCO Cam app and how it can totally help you rock your Instagram! 

So last week we went over lighting a little bit, and although I know you all were amazed by my amazing drawings ;) I figured I'd add in some real pictures of the set up for you this week! 

So here it is, my window at the end of my hall letting in all this gorgeous natural light along with my trust posterboard - you can totally make this happen!

So now you've seen where the magic happens ;) Now I will make a note for you too, I would suggest NOT putting your setup/backdrops and objects in that direct path of light as that will cast some very strong shadows in your picture! 

Now I'm gonna take you on a little step by step of getting to THIS final photo! :)  



1 > First, you'll need to get the VSCO Cam app. You can download it here, if you're on an apple device or, here if you are on a android device.

2 > Now once you've downloaded it, you can sign up for an account so you can post your pictures to your grid, or you can just bypass the signup and use the app for taking pictures and exporting them to your camera roll! 

3 > On the next screen you'll want to choose Library to get started right away! 

4 > One HUGE thing about VSCO Cam is the editing capabilities - it's like Lightroom got on a diet and met an app for the perfect combination! That being said, you can in this step, import pictures you've already taken on your phone, or hit capture to take new ones with the app! I personally suggest taking the pictures in the app, I feel like it does a better job than just the regular camera - but I could just be a bit crazy ;) 

5 > Now you'll want to pick your perfect little prop and luckily for me (and your viewing pleasure!) I have my husbands vintage hot wheels car lying around to be our featured item of the day! 

6 > After you take the picture, select it in your camera roll and click on sliders to open up the editing options! There are a good amount of free (and a bunch of purchasable) filters that are great if you aren't quite ready to experiment with hand editing in the app! Or if you want to dive right in with editing your photos yourself - you'll want to click that wrench icon! You can adjust all kind of things in here including: 

  • Exposure
  •  Contrast
  • Rotate
  • Horizontal Perspective
  • Vertical Perspective
  • Crop
  • Clarity
  • Sharpen
  • Saturation
  • Highlights Save
  • Shadows Save

    I like bright white photos, so I usually bump up the exposure quite a bit first! 

7 > So I chose to do a little cropping. As you'll see in my Instagram feed here, we don't ever stray from the square photo! 

8 > Once you're done editing, hit the check mark to save your edits! Then with the photo selected in your library, click the round dot icon and a menu will come up where you have the choice to share, save to camera roll, unsync, copy edits, or print! [ This is a great place to access if you do your own edits and you want them to be the same each time - just simply select copy edits and take it to your new photo! ] Today we are talking about saving to camera roll though - so go ahead and do that! Choose a size - auto saving - and BOOM! You're done!

Now all that's left to do is open up your Instagram and post your masterpiece!! Can't wait to see all your great photos! I'd love to see what you come up with - use the hashtag #urinstagamewithalyssajoy so I can see your awesome work!