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Behind every small business is an entrepreneur who has a passion, heart, and personality — something that is driving them and that business into it's future, whatever that may hold. Branding is the foundation for any business because it puts a face to your work, showcasing who you are and what you do. 

To know how successful your brand is, evaluate how easily recognizable and relatable it is.

When you're shopping for your best friend and you walk into a store like TJ Maxx (my personal favorite!!), you're on the hunt for that one perfect thing. When you see it sitting on the shelf, you instantly think "ohhhh that's so [insert best friend's name here]! Your brand — the feel, the colors, the voice and undercurrent — should reflect you and resonate with your customers as deeply as a familiar friend. 

Our businesses are rooted in us, in what we love and who we are. I will help you cultivate a brand that speaks to you, of your values, your beautiful work and most of all your ideal client. When current or potential clients see you on social media, web, or print, they'll think, "That's so [insert your name] over at [insert your business name here]!"

Let's dive in and see which package is best for you!

We know every business has unique needs. If you don't see just what you're looking for below, shoot us a message here to get a quote!
** All prices are subject to change at any point while not under contract.

Branding Packages


Branding & Web Packages


* These pro packages require the client to secure a custom domain and other charges will be incurred based on your platform choice.
Please ask us about these charges.

** These packages does not include copywriting for websites. Please contact me to get a quote for this additional service.


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