The Process

So what exactly does a branding or web design process look like when you choose to work with Alyssa Joy & Co. - let's chat about it!


[talk in a friendly and informal way]

I'd love to know you more — for now, here's a little about Alright, so let's be honest, we are all really good at putting the fancy pants on, or keeping our pretty business guard up, but what I want is to get to know YOU and your business in a friendly and informal way via FaceTime or Skype! We will chat a bit about the process as well as start dates and answer any questions you might have.


[formal & legally binding agreement]

Of course, you didn't think it would be all play and no business, right? Now comes the contract part, and don't be nervous - it's strictly to protect each of us from potential (but extremely rare!) pitfalls of design processes.


[first installment payable on a purchase]

This investment is what starts the pretty process! Once your contract is signed, I will send you an invoice for your 20% payment to reserve your start date, you can pay it online, easy peasy and we are good to go! When your start date rolls around, you will be invoiced for another 30% payment to start the fun! 



[investigate systematically]

You will receive a branding journey journal in the mail approximately 4 weeks prior to your start date. Once you've finished it up, mail it back (in the postage paid envelope) and we will chat shortly!

V. Discovery Call

[going over your branding journey]

By this time, I have received your branding journal back in the mail and we can schedule a FaceTime or Skype chat to go over what you discovered and any last minute details!


[a first or preliminary form of artwork]

Now comes my favorite time, this is the part where I get giddy excited every time and mind races with all kind of beautiful ideas to bring your dreams to life! And you, my friend, just sit back and wait in eager anticipation!



[to amen or alter]

The moment you've been waiting for has come! I'll send over the first drafts and we will move forward from there revisions and tweaking it to be perfect for you and your business. 

VIII. Approval

[the act of officially agreeing on something]

Once we have worked through up to two rounds of revisions and produced perfection (of course!) then I will send over the final artwork approval contract for you to sign. 


[statement of the sum due]

Four weeks from your start date your final payment is due. It is also payable online. 


x. Transfer

[transmitting over a computer network]

Everything has been approved! Now comes the excitement you and I have been waiting for - the transfer of final files (through Dropbox) and setting your future plans into action.

XI. launch

[setting something in motion]

You've though, you've researched, you've honed in on your ideal client and your ideal brand and now the day has come to set it in motion! Go dominate your business market! You've got this!


Let's Do This!