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A week prior to picture day, the parents will receive the pricing guide and introduction letter via their backpack or folder with the request to fill out and return the form to their child’s teacher prior to picture day. This gives us the information we need to A) track pictures of children B) contact the parents via email when the images are ready for their review/ordering.

 The photos are generally edited and available online within 1 week following picture day. The parents will be emailed a link to their child’s class album (password protected) and be able to view, order and pay online via our website.

Once the order cut off date has passed, I will process all the orders, batch the photos per child and bring them to the school for the teachers to deliver them via the children’s backpacks/folders. This will take place no later than the week prior to Thanksgiving break.

 The parents are able to place orders after this time, but will be charged shipping as they will be mailed directly to their home.

the school's responsibilties

We will need the cooperation of the administration in scheduling picture day and retake day as well as the teachers help in distributing the letters and collecting the returned slips via backpacks/folders.

 The photos will be taken outdoors. If it is raining then we will need to have permission to use a covered area at the school, but still outdoors.

 We will need the teacher (or a volunteer) to bring the students to us in requested batches and to help keep paperwork in order while we are taking the students pictures.

 We will need the teachers to distribute the children’s photo orders (we package and properly label) to the children’s backpacks/folders.

The school will receive all the digital images of the children individually (at least two poses per child, potentially more) as well as class photos (if applicable).

 The school will receive a complimentary 5x7 class photo of each class. Each teacher will receive a complimentary 5x7 class photo.

provided to the school

package guide


(1) 5x7 Class Photo (if applicable)
(2) 8x10 Prints
(4) 5x7 Prints
(8) Single Wallet Prints

(single pose per package)



(1) 5x7 Class Photo (if applicable)
(1) 8x10 Prints
(2) 5x7 Prints
(8) Single Wallet Prints

(single pose per package)



(1) 5x7 Class Photo (if applicable)
(1) 8x10 Prints
(8) Single Wallet Prints

(single pose per package)



digital image access

(comes with full printing rights)

A La Carte Prints are also available for purchase.

(8) Wallets  ||  $10              4x6 Print  ||  $4              5x7 Print  ||  $6              8x10  ||  $10             11x14  ||  $19

8x10 Memory Mate (featuring one pose & a class photo  ||  $13              1.75 x 2.75 Keychain  ||  $12              4x5 Magnet  ||  $12